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By contributing to the R52 Nature Habitats crowdfunding campaign, you are investing in a future where jungles and oceans thrive, biodiversity flourishes, and humanity finds its place as custodians of the Earth's treasures. Together, we can create a lasting legacy, both on land and beneath the waves.

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Boca de Tomatlan



R52 Team Puerto Vallart

Boca de Tomatlan Nature Habitat Crowdfunding (around Boca de Tomatlan Mexico)

R52 Nature Habitats crowdfunding campaign.


Imagine a world where jungles flourish, teeming with life, and where humans and nature coexist harmoniously. Picture lush greenery, vibrant wildlife, and a thriving ecosystem. Now, envision being part of a global community dedicated to making this vision a reality. Welcome to R52 Jungle Habitats, an extraordinary crowdfunding project that aims to purchase land in jungles across the globe, preserve their natural splendor, and create nature-focused villages where passionate individuals like you can live to help Mother Nature flourish.


At R52, our mission goes beyond mere conservation; we aspire to restore balance to our planet and forge a deeper connection between humans and nature. By crowdfunding to acquire land in various jungle locations, we can protect these precious ecosystems from exploitation and degradation. Our ultimate goal is to establish self-sustaining communities that thrive in harmony with the environment while providing invaluable learning experiences.


These R52 Jungle Habitats will serve as more than just nature reserves; they will become centers of excellence and enlightenment. We envision creating learning academies where people from all walks of life can come together as a united force to replenish forests, reintroduce endangered species, and safeguard these areas as sanctuaries for wildlife. By pooling our knowledge, we will empower one another to become stewards of nature, arming ourselves with the tools to nurture and preserve our planet's biodiversity.


In these visionary villages, wellness will be at the forefront of our endeavors. Our communities will emphasize holistic living, enabling residents to embrace sustainable practices and live in harmony with the natural world. We will provide opportunities to learn about growing food from the source, fostering self-reliance, and cultivating a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness with the environment. Together, we will forge a new path towards a future where human and natural flourishing coexist.

Volunteer, your contributions, whether through time, skills, or resources can truly help us.

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