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The R52 School of Choice Give Back Program: Empowering Communities and Nurturing Education

At R52, we're driven by our belief in the extraordinary power of community and education. That's why we're absolutely delighted to unveil our exclusive Give Back Program, tailor-made for schools!


Every school semester, R52, in collaboration with a network of dedicated providers, extends a heartwarming opportunity to local schools and school groups.


This opportunity allows local schools and school groups to reap the rewards of community engagement by harnessing the sales generated through our esteemed partner providers, including some of the amazing restaurants and local businesses in town.

At R52, we believe in making things easy for you. Our trusted partner takes care of all the heavy lifting and tasks, so you can focus on what matters most - letting people know that you're proudly part of the Give Back Program.


It's about effortless support, where your cause thrives, and you simply spread the word, connecting your community to a brighter future."


Imagine you're ordering food from your favorite restaurant through R52. Well, when you tell them the name of your school, a part of the money you spend will go back to your school! It's like giving your school a special gift every time you order.


When customers place orders with participating R52 Partners and graciously mention the name of their School of Choice, magic happens.


A portion of the sale proceeds is earmarked as a Give Back, destined to fuel the growth and prosperity of the registered school of choice or group of choice.


Why should you join?

Imagine getting extra money for your school or group without any extra work. Well, that's what this program does. It's like a bonus for your school!

  1. Huge Benefit: It's like free money for your school. You don't have to do anything extra, just order as you usually do.

  2. Support: Your school gets extra support for things like books, equipment, or fun activities for students.

  3. Easy: It's super easy. Once your school is registered, you're all set. Now, just let people know its available.

  4. Community: It brings your school community together. Everyone can help, parents, teachers, and students, by just ordering their meals.

So, it's a win-win! You get your favorite food, and your school gets a little extra help. Just ask your school to sign up, and you're good to go!


We connect you with our trusted partner providers and build your very own profile page, a hub where volunteers and supporters can discover and rally behind your important causes and activities in your community.


Our mission is clear: help you promote the Give Back Program, effortlessly share it with your dedicated supporters, register passionate volunteers, and tell your compelling story to make a lasting impact.


Together, we're forging a stronger, more supportive community, one connection at a time."



Join The Program Today...

Best Value

School of Choice Give Back Program



The Give Back Program is for school and school groups.

Valid until canceled

Designed for Schools and School Groups (clubs, teams, etc.)

Free To Register (A Retail Value of $99.99 a month)

Give Back Profile Page on R52.Live

Volunteer & Supporter Management

Event Schedules

Your Items Listed On R52.World

Access to booking widgets to place your items on any website

Coupons and Discounts managed by R52 Provider

Access to Insights / Financials / Reports

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